01 June, 2012

Continuum 8

This is what I'll be doing program-wise at Continuum next weekend:

  • Gender and Sexuality in YA Speculative Fiction, Friday 4pm in Lincoln/Argyle, with Alison Goodman and Kate Eltham. Sex, teens, witches and spaceships—what's going on and what we should do about it
  • The Big Bad—Fairytale Villains, Saturday 11am in Pelham, with Angela Slatter, Nalini Haynes and Peter Ball—we will so slay those villains
  • Readings, Saturday 2pm in Faraday, with Alison Goodman, Cheryse Durrant and Jason Nahrung—could be selkie related, could be a chunk of Cracklescape. Maybe there'll be time for a taste of both.
  • Other Entities, Saturday 3pm in Pelham again, with Jane Routley, Paul Pouton and Amanda Pillar—all about un-cliched monsters
  • Book Trailers, Sunday 10am in the Argyle, with George Ivanoff, Travis McKenzie and Cheryse Durrant—what makes a good book trailer? We hope to show you. Also, how to avoid the worst pitfalls.
If there's a book trailer that you particularly adore, or particularly loathe, please let me know in the comments, so that I can consider it during my panel preparation. Villains and monsters I can probably dream up on my own...


Blogger Marg said...

I'll be hoping to track you down, wait, that sounds a bit stalkerish. I'll be hoping to at least say hello at some point over the weekend!

01 June, 2012 11:36  
Blogger Sean Wright said...

I'l just be stalking you plain and simple :P

01 June, 2012 18:16  
Anonymous Dark Matter fanzine said...

It was great to finally meet you in person, even if I wasn't organised enough to bring books for autographs :*(

Were you satisfied with our villain slayage?

20 June, 2012 18:05  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

We did great, Nalini! It was good to meet you, too.

21 June, 2012 06:48  

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