15 August, 2012

'A Diminutive Delight'!

Here's a good solid review of Cracklescape from Brit Mandelo at Tor:
The ability to weave a satisfying story with narrative movement and emotional resonance out of the simple details of familiar people living familiar lives, encountering only briefly something inexplicable to them and to us, is rare. It’s the sort of accomplishment that appears flawless and simple, nearly rustic, but is made up of a dazzling series of interlocking, microscopic parts. Lanagan’s other-world fantastic stories are great, but the understated and graceful force of these four pieces, put into concert, demonstrates her equal gift for bringing to life real people in the real world—only, a touch sideways, a touch out of kilter, encountering things that they cannot explain. We, the reader, are left to wonder, and to turn over and over in our minds what Lanagan has shown us, searching for impossible answers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, my English class read your short story: Singing My Sister Down. I thought it was very intriguing and I couldn't put it down. I was disappointed when I never found out why she killed her husband. Do you have any hints for why she may have done it? It would be interesting to know so maybe I can piece together the rest of the story in my head.

11 September, 2012 03:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, my English class read one of your stories “Singing Down My Sister.” I enjoyed reading your story, but I don’t understand why Ikky killed her husband? Why was the tar pit chosen for punishment of a crime by the tribe? Were there any hints in the story to answer my questions?

Thank you

11 September, 2012 10:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also read your story "Singing My Sister Down" in my english class and loved it. I found that the beatuy of it is that these questions are left unanswered for the reader to really think about them and draw their own conclusions.

11 September, 2012 11:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, my English class got to read one of your short stories "Singing My Sister Down". When I first started reading the story I thought that it was confusing because of the brilliant ways that you hid clues into the beginning of the story about why what was happening to Izzy was happening. When I finished the story at first I was extremely annoyed because I thought that I had no idea what was happening, but really I knew exactly what was happening in the story because you put clues into the story. I found it incredible that there are so many questions that are left unanswered for the reader to really think about it and draw their own conclusions, instead of giving them a conclusion. Here is a link to my blog if you have time to maybe read over some of my post and tell me what you think.

11 September, 2012 12:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well hello there (: I got the pleasure of reading one of your short stories, "Singing My Sister Down." I found that part of the thrill of the story is not quite knowing exactly what happened. You don't know why Ikky killed her husband, why the tar pit is used as punishment, or what time or place you're in. It makes the mind imagine, create any situation you like. This is simply my opinion (: it really was a well written story!

13 September, 2012 00:59  

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