01 August, 2012

Cracklescape's first review

And it's a lovely one, from Gary K. Wolfe at Locus:

Cracklescape, he says,
may come as something of a revelation even to devoted Lanagan readers. It includes only four stories (together with an appreciative, brief introduction by Jane Yolen), but the settings are recognizably contemporary or near-contemporary Australia, and the tales themselves allude to familiar forms such as the ghost story, the childhood-escape tale, the succubus tale, even the contemporary middle-aged marriage drama, all filtered through the characteristic Lanagan lens, which illuminates and distorts at the same time.
He likes all four stories, but the UFO story set on the Nullarbor Plain surprises him the most:
By far the most masterful tale here, ..."Significant Dust" conveys a kind of immanence and mystery that’s powerful even by Lanagan standards, and that introduces us to one of her most unforgettable characters.


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