27 October, 2012

West Coast Tour, November

I know, I haven't blogged much this past month. Mostly this was because of medical matters—nothing to be alarmed about, in the end, but it meant a bit of a hiatus in the writing-and-working life. I'm back at the dayjob now and trying to make up for lost time, which means the writing time is still limited.

However, I'll soon be talking a lot about writing and The Brides of Rollrock Island in particular, when I take a trip down the West Coast of the US. Here's how it will go:

  • Thursday Nov 8, 7pm, Barnes & Noble Lynwood
  • Friday Nov 9, 4.30pm, Seattle Public Library, Northeast Branch (Note: Not University Bookstore as previously listed, they're just the booksellers for the event.)
San Francisco:
  • Saturday Nov 10, 2pm, Barnes & Noble El Cerrito
  • Monday Nov 12, 7pm, Rakestraw
  • Tuesday Nov 13, 7pm, Changing Hands
  • Wednesday, Nov 14, 6pm, Barnes & Noble Desert Ridge
Las Vegas:
  • Thursday Nov 15, 7pm, Barnes & Noble 2772 (with David Levithan)
  • Friday Nov 16, 11am, session at NCTE conference
If you're in any of these cities, at any of these times, please come along.


Blogger Sean Wright said...

Sorry to hear about illness. Enjoy America. I am sure the taste of culture will inspire more writerly goodness.

27 October, 2012 16:25  
Blogger Mark Pantoja said...

Just to be clear: Danville and El Cerrito are NOT San Francisco. But I'm still going to come out to say 'Hi'.

27 October, 2012 17:26  
Anonymous Jei said...


30 October, 2012 04:17  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Sean: Travel is always inspiring. Such a privilege to be invited!

Mark: Close enough. Danville and El Cerrito are cold and foggy too, right? (Also, bring lots of friends, okay? I'd be happy, truly, to read just to you, but I think we'd both feel more comfortable if others were present too.:D)

Jei: See note to Mark above. Bring friends and have bells on. Please. :D

03 November, 2012 13:33  

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