06 February, 2006

What I've been doing

  • Working on the Writing Room's other purpose, i.e. storage room, which involves a lot of boxes, dust, sweating and the occasional enormous spider. (I don't mind enormous spiders when they just sit quietly in a corner, but when they rush at me across the top of the box I'm carrying, I'm a bit unnerved.) Parts of the house are looking a bit clearer, yes.

  • Writing anything that's not a novel. I've started several short stories and poems. Some of the short stories are novel-related; I'm just seeing where they go, to try and find what the core of the thing was, that interested me. I've also been quietly, disjointedly raving into notebooks - just playing, really, trying to enjoy the writing rather than be too desperate for results.

    I've also started making notes for a new novel. Maybe the scope of this one is narrow enough for me to cope with. Maybe I even know what this one's about...aah, who am I kidding!

  • Preparing our tax 2004-05 information.

  • Preparing the October-December Business and Individual Activity Statements.

  • Wondering whether I should prepare the first half of the tax for 2005-06, while I still remember how to do this.

  • Socialising - quite a lot of that. Not just on weekends, either.

  • Having a haircut. It looks nothing like the photo in the previous post; all short and feathery now. Requires 'product'. *rolls eyes*

  • Walking Club - 6.10 every weekday morning for 4-5 turns around the park with Jen and Joanna.

  • Cycling - missed out on my big weekend ride, though. Took Harry to the beach instead.

  • Re-reading books to finalise shortlists for the NSW State Literary Awards.
Busy, eh.


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