10 May, 2006

Books bought and brought back

Here is the stack of books I bought in the US:
  • Paul Park, A Princess of Roumania

  • Holly Black, Tithe

  • Gail Giles, Shattering Glass

  • Uzodinma Iweala, Beasts of No Nation

  • Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking

  • Michael Cunningham, Specimen Days

  • Justina Robson, Living Next Door to the God of Love

  • Paul Mandelbaum, ed., 12 Short Stories and Their Making

  • John Green, Looking for Alaska

  • Chris Lynch, Inexcusable

  • Gail Mazur, Zeppo's First Wife

  • Tim Pratt, The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl

  • George Saunders, In Persuasion Nation

  • Lucia Perillo, Luck is Luck

  • Michelle P. Brown, Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts

  • Hal Duncan, Vellum

  • Octavia E. Butler, Fledgling

Books I meant to buy, but the booksellers didn't stay set up at the Nebulas weekend for long enough:
  • anything by Carol Emshwiller

  • Kelly Link, Magic For Beginners

  • Eileen Gunn, Stable Strategies and Other

And if I were to list the books I nearly bought but managed to restrain myself from buying, we'd be here all day.

Plus, Denise Hamilton, who chaired the panel at the LA Times Festival of Books, gave me a signed copy of her crime novel, Savage Garden. Thanks, Denise!


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