02 September, 2008

Thoughtfulness about 'The Goosle'

From Richard Larson over at Strange Horizons, in the midst of a great review of The Del Rey Book... He finishes up his analysis of the story in the light of Gooslegate:
"The Goosle" is not an easy story, and Margo Lanagan is not a writer who makes easy choices. Aversions to certain pieces of fiction, however, should be based on the quality of the writing and the effectiveness of the storytelling rather than knee-jerk reactions to particularities of troublesome content, and Lanagan has imbued a straightforward narrative [...] with a significant amount of complexity. "The Goosle" is one of the strongest stories in this anthology, and to overlook this fact because of its exploration of abusive relationships (and, of course, the necessity of detail when explaining the nuances of those relationships) is, to my mind, a very unfortunate error in judgment.


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