19 January, 2010

Causing mirth and sneering

Philip Womack in the Literary Review holds forth on TM:
It isn't often that one reads a children's book that begins with a dwarf losing his virginity to a witch; still less that it should continue to include incest and rape [etc. etc. mirthful plot summary of the 'Her father dies (phew!)' kind] Underneath all this is an involving, if protracted, fable about the loss of innocence and the need to face up to the horrors of everyday life. Go deeper still, and you'll find Hardy, Eliot and Elizabeth Gaskell—authors who love putting their heroines through the mill in order to find redemption. This supposedly original mishmash is actually a competent pastiche of a good old-fashioned Victorian novel. Adventurous teenagers, if they can cope with 'Goodwifes' and 'womanwards' and unconvincing rural dialect, may love it.

More convincing is Jeanette Winterson's Battle of the Sun...
So pleased, to be a writer of a competent pastiche!

*gives rhinoceros-hide a bit of a scratch*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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21 January, 2010 12:02  
Anonymous Kat said...

hey Margo,

We met at draftbusters - just wanted to say I read Tender Morsels over my holiday and coped very well with 'Goodwifes' and your 'unconvincing rural dialect'... How could this guy not love a word like littlee-man?

Please do keep up your competent pasticherizing. I promise to read more of it in the future.


21 January, 2010 16:46  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Okay, if you insist, Kat, I will continue with the c.p.-ing. Thanks for dropping by!

21 January, 2010 19:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My IQ is very high ..I am very smart - however I have nooo idea
what you are talking about..let me
read it again -- nothing has
Actually -- let me stop this..
wasting bandwidth is a terrible thing to waste.
And finally ...George Carlin was
asked :
Do you have a Motto ?

Carlin's Response :

" My motto is

03 February, 2010 02:32  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Not really my problem, Anon., if your powerful intellect is unequal to my blog post. I have to say, I can't quite see what your comment is getting at, either.

03 February, 2010 09:11  

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