15 August, 2012

Edinburgh Book Festival

I'm thrilled to be going to the Edinburgh Book Festival, where I'll be panelising with Melvin Burgess next Monday evening, and doing a solo talk about fantasy writing next Tuesday morning as part of the schools program.

As well, I'll be taking part in the Edinburgh World Writers' Conference, where we'll drag out five Big Questions that were debated with some fire at the first EWWC in 1962, and work out what we think about them nowadays.

Then, thoroughly inspired, I'll strike out into the Irish countryside to do some research for my next novel.

See you in September!


Blogger Ana S. said...

yay, Edinburgh! See you at the Monday talk :D

15 August, 2012 06:01  
Anonymous manwithvan said...

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30 August, 2012 17:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11 September, 2012 04:32  

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