24 January, 2006

Printz seals

Here are the two Australian Printz Honor Books with their seals on:


Blogger Unknown said...

Big congrats. Go you!

I must say the book looks very pretty with the new shiny sticker. :)

25 January, 2006 02:29  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, Suzanne. I really want to put all the possible stickers on one copy of BJ and see whether there's room for the title any more! But just one is classy-lookin'.

Hi Kirsty. Yes, I remember you, and that conversation - we talked about possible titles for what eventually became Zarconi's Magic Flying Fish. Boy, you've accomplished a lot since then! Six books, my god! Welcome, and I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I don't update as often as I feel I should, but I can recommend it as a way of being out in public without having to leave the house (or even dress properly!). I'm still working out what sorts of things I want to (and don't want to) put up on it, and it's perhaps a bit narrower than a lot of writer blogs. I tend not to put rants up, or family photos, or a lot of personal stuff; it's for writing and writing-related activities more than anything. But there are lots of different ways to work it. More pictures is what it needs...*hunts out digital camera*

25 January, 2006 09:07  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

PS And thanks for buying all those copies of BLACK JUICE, Kirsty! :)

25 January, 2006 09:40  

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