30 May, 2006

What I must do before I go again

Write a ten-minute speech to deliver at the Printz Awards Dinner. (Actually, that's by tomorrow afternoon.)

Write a novel - cue mirthless laughter.

Post off cheque to Tax Office - no laughter there.

Tech. writing - a manageable amount, and mostly done from home.

Research funky, up-to-the-minute art galleries in Los Angeles and New Orleans - anybody got any ideas? - to take my funky, up-to-the-minute son to.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that should keep me busy until 14 June, shouldn't it. Especially that novel. [whispery sound of wool being pulled over own eyes]


Blogger Jonathan said...

You're heading back to the US? When? You're not coming to WorldCon after all are you? If so, that'd be cool.

30 May, 2006 20:53  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

14-29 June. A week's lollygagging in LA, then 5 days in New Orleans for the ALA conference.

Unless some fabulous windfall comes along, I still won't be coming to WorldCon. But hey, in this business windfalls do happen sometimes.

31 May, 2006 09:08  

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