30 May, 2006

What I've been doing since getting back

Giving an author talk and a short-story masterclass (!) at the VATE Conference.

Finishing (I think, I hope) the copy-edits on the Red Spikes collection. The final story gave me a bit of grief; it was long and I felt I'd chosen the wrong point of view, so I changed the POV and it still seemed very long and tedious (no wonder I'm having problems getting a novel completed...), so I hauled out a couple of alternatives and sent them off. What do you reckon, Jodie? [ingratiating smile]

Getting and doing tech. writing work. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Looking with horror at the bank account. Looking with horror at the fresh tax bill, due 6 June, that hit us on Saturday.

Finishing (I hope) a short story for an anthology, about a month after it was due. I sent a first draft with apologies by the due date.

Doing a real-time email interview with Joe Sutliff Sanders' children's literature class in Illinois - hi Julia, Rachel, Scott, Jordan, Amy, and of course, Joe!

Spending a weekend in Bathurst with my sister - hi Jude!

Attending the NSW Premier's Literary Awards dinner at the Art Gallery of NSW. You can even see me there, over at Judy Ridge's Misrule blog. Pix there also of 'my' two winners, Ursula Dubosarsky and Kierin Meehan.

Lots of excuses not to blog, if I were the kind to make excuses. :)


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