26 December, 2009

Holiday blog

It's going well, weather changeable, bit damp at the moment. I'm sitting in Ulladulla Macca's, aka The Madhouse, among all the Boxing Day travellers. Rain falling outside.

I've been reading like a glutton:
  • David Metzenthen's Black Water
  • Sophie Cunningham's Geography
  • Charlotte Wood's The Submerged Cathedral
  • Jennifer's Draft-Swap novel
  • E. L. Doctorow's Homer and Langley
i've also drafted a short story, swum in the sea, walked on the beach, driven around with Harry to get the hours up in his Learner's logbook, spotted birds, scr*pb**ked a tiny bit, given and got Christmas presents and, of course, eaten and drunk in a Christmas-ish way.

The holiday's half over - I could do with another month of this, I think.


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