02 January, 2010

Home from hols...

...and facing the new year. *takes deep breath*

Okay, things I know will happen:
  • Harry will do his HSC.
  • Tender Morsels will come out as a YA paperback here in Australia and in the US, and as an adult trade paperback in the UK, in February.
  • I'll work at UNSW until the end of March.
  • I'll go to Perth in February, New Zealand in March and Byron Bay in May.
  • I'll finish the selkie novel (by end March, I hope).
  • I'll start that historical novel that I got the NSW Writer's Fellowhsip for—fortunately, I've still got the Fellowship stashed away safely.
  • I'll turn fifty—sheesh, how'd that happen?
Things that might happen:
  • My collection of YA reprint short stories, Yellowcake, may be out by the end of the year, here in Aus., possibly elsewhere at a (very long) stretch.
  • I might be going to Aussiecon—we'll have to see how the HSC business is going around then.
It all looks quite simple laid out like that. I hope it doesn't snarl and tangle and make me cranky the way 2008 and 2009 did.

New Year's res: Keep it simple—say NO more often.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Margo!

Sorry to do this here, I wasn't sure how else to contact you.

I read your book, Black Juice, and I think it's amazing. Honestly. Just amazing. I aspire to write like you one day. I really do.

I was hoping to ask you a few questions, as I'm trying to find inspiration and get help with writing my Major Work for Extension English 2 HSC. Your stories are so creative, intense and memorable. I really wish I possessed your ability.

I know you're busy, so I can understand if you don't reply to this.

My email address is major.work@live.co.uk and I made it just for my Major Work, as you can see :)

If you could just send me an email if you are able to answer a few questions, I would appreciate it so, so much.

Thank you for your time!

10 January, 2010 13:55  

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