18 March, 2009

Wednesday wittering

Okay, something vaguely writing related. I went to lunch on Saturday with three lady writers and magged about writing—or rather, listened to them talk about writing and talked about not writing, myself. :)

Also, went to the State Library and photocopied a chunk of history book for the purposes of research.

Reading-wise, I'm through If This is a Man and into The Truce by Primo Levi, but all leisure reading and other fun will have to be pushed aside as I check the UK proofs of Tender Morsels. Plus read a book for blurbing.

Like a bad joke, the rent for the Writing Room has gone up $10 a week.


Blogger deborahb said...

Hee hee, 'lady writers'! What a ladylike description. :)

18 March, 2009 08:00  

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