06 March, 2009

You missed a great night...

...unless you were there at Kinokuniya last night, in which case, thank you for coming! Didn't we do well? We were hardly rude to each other at all—we saved that for the restaurant afterwards, where insults flew and hair was torn and other patrons were scandalised.

Nah, it was fun. Justine had lots of good stories up her sleeve, and she needed hardly any kicking at all to get them flowing. There was standing room only, and people were standing in it. There were two big book-stands with only Justine's and my books on them. And I signed a whole bunch of stock, which means that they must have sold all those other Tender Morsels I signed for them back in October. And lots of wonderful people came up and talked to us afterwards.

And now it's Friday, wOOt! A happy day to all.


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